Symphony Finishing Spraying Services

Symphony Finishing are experts in bespoke professional spray finishing. We offer a range of specialised spraying services to protect and enhance your interior and exterior wood, as well as many other substrates such as glass, uPVC and a whole range of plastics.

Interior Wood Finishes

It is important to protect your interior wood with a professional wood stain, varnish or lacquer to improve the longevity, and offer the proper protection that conventional paints fail to offer. Preventing wear and tear is vital, and choosing the wrong paint can even damage wood, forcing it to absorb moisture and warp over time. A clear wood lacquer adds a protective layer to the surface and is most suited to high traffic areas, such as kitchen cabinets and tables, whilst a wood stain may help bring a new lease of life to your interior space. Create a warm and rich ambience for a traditional or contemporary setting – transform your woodwork and treat your favourite pieces.

Exterior Wood Finishes

Exterior wood finishes differ from interior finishes as they penetrate into the wood as opposed to sitting on the surface. Some can even contain water repellents and fungicides for additional protection against mould and rot. These are ideal for exterior areas exposed to the elements such as windows and doors. Improper protection of exterior wood can affect the moisture content and cause it to shrink, crack, swell or buckle. With professional finishing, the treasured quality of your exterior wood will last for years and years to come. We source only the finest wood finishes with beauty and durability in mind. Whilst you can buy natural weather-resistant wood, there is a point of vulnerability and prevention of decaying will be near impossible without the use of proper water-repellent preservatives, sealer or a clear finish that contains UV protection.

We have all the knowledge and experience required to choose the perfect wood finish for your project, but that is only part of the process. Correct application of the finish is essential to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of the grain, whether it is a wooden staircase, door or a beloved piece of antique furniture. Careful preparation of the surface is also a necessity for the wood finish to work to its full potential. Luckily, our experienced spray team are geared up to offer a whole sanding, filing, priming and finishing service for maximum efficacy and unrivalled quality every time.

Flame Retardant Coatings

Re-sprayed Kitchens

Glass Coatings

High Gloss Finishes

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